The new asset class for “student living”


Planned total repayment (forecast)

5 years
5 years



Planned target return IRR* (forecast)

20 million
20 million

Planned investment volume

Construction of Student dormitories in 5 years

With the real estate fund “edira Campus one”, the edira Group is launching a closed-end public AIF on the market for the first time that combines the development and operation of student residences as well as a short term of only five years.

The ideal investment conditions and excellent return opportunities offer the opportunity to profit from the enormous potential of this asset class.

The selection of the projects and the implementation of the construction and conversion measures will be realised by Crosslane Property Group, while Prime Student Living will take over the property and facility management.

Warum Sie investieren sollten?

Why should you invest?

  • growth market characterised by low supply of student housing and tight housing market
  • professional and experienced management in the area of development & operation
  • only 5 years term
  • 7.26% planned target return IRR
  • annual distributions from 2022 onwards
  • no blind pool risk

Market Perspective Student Housing


  • Range of subjects offered at German universities is constantly expanding
  • Proportion of international students in Germany, as the economic centre of Europe, is continuously increasing
  • Demand for full-service operator concepts is growing because both national and international students make studying at different universities part of their education
  • Demand for transactions far greater than supply, therefore very good exit scenarios


  • Internationally renowned project partners with Crosslane (development) and Prime (operation)
  • Demand for high quality residential accommodation (technology & comfort) is steadily increasing
  • Adjustments to maintain high occupancy vary from internal measures to pursuing new target groups
  • Rental prices stable in the long term

edira Campus one project partners

Development Partner The privileged partner of the projects is Crosslane Group, a company in Manchester, England, specialising in the acquisition, development and management of purpose-built student accommodation.

Crosslane identifies suitable business opportunities and conducts thorough feasibility studies and market analysis. Within this validation phase, required investments and potential returns are verified to provide robust and independent validation.

Property and Facilities Management Prime Student Living has been providing a complete package of student accommodation management services to a range of clients and their assets for over 10 years, whilst delivering exceptional living experiences for thousands of students who have lived in Prime managed properties.

Since inception, Prime has developed a strong track record in advising, mobilising and managing university towns in the UK, Republic of Ireland, France and Germany.

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